Jack Introduction

Jack Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603337) is a global enterprise with the largest production and sales volume and the strongest comprehensive strength in the global sewing equipment industry. It is also a global company that integrates auxiliary material warehousing, intelligent cutting, hanging, sewing, sorting, and finishing. Jack is an integrating APS, MES, WMS, PDM and other software and hardware total solution provider. Jack products benefit more than 150 countries and regions in globa
Working environment
Filial piety culture
Colorful activities
Wonderful clubs
Research atmosphere
Living environment

Jack welfare

  • Food, Accommodation, Transportation
    Free double occupancy employee dormitory
    Three-star employee cafeteria
    Dormitories equipped with kitchens
    Free shuttle bus
  • Settlement support
    Home purchase support (3-year interest-free loan)
    Parental filial piety fund
    Housing subsidy
    Summer care for children
  • Company benefits
    Five insurances and one fund
    Paid annual leave
    Holiday gifts
    Employee car allocation
    Quarterly team-building activities (on workdays)
    Outstanding employees' domestic and international trips
  • Emotional Care
    Employee care system
    Employee children's education
    Employee assistance fund
    Employee birthday gifts
    Marriage gifts
  • Work life balance
    Annual cultural carnival
    Reading club
    Employee family day
    Themed birthday parties
    Basketball matches
    Badminton matches

Talent Development

  • Geonol training
  • Investor communication meetings
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Research fund
  • Tax and Financial Knowledge Contest
  • Symposium

Talent development path

Approximately 20-30% of management personnel grow into business managers (senior, middle-level composite management talent) (Chairman, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Heads of Various Departments, and Core Management Positions).

1、Speed up the training of "professional" and "composite" talents

2、The higher the position, the more experience is needed in the "job rotation."

3、Job rotation opportunities favor high-performance, high-potential employees

4、In principle, the core roles of the company are developed from employees with technical and technician backgrounds

5、Talents with outstanding contributions can be promoted beyond their usual level

Jack Incentive Management Panorama

Material incentives: The trinity incentive system guides "strivers"


Position determines rank, rank determines salary; matching people to positions, easy job matching

Equity Incentive

Restricted stock incentive; employee stock ownership plan; core employee follow-up investment in subsidiaries

Profit Sharing

Striver incentive plan; cadre member cash rewards, long-term incentives; enhance the retention of outstanding talents


Operating bonuses; performance growth, bonus growth; bonuses for strategic pinnacle projects

Equity Incentive
Profit Sharing
Non-material incentives: Growth, Respect, Recognition to improve employee self-drive.
  • High-potential development plans,
    promotion development,
    job rotation authorization,
    coaching and training
  • Honor incentives,
    praise and appreciation
  • Leadership style,
    organizational atmosphere,
    welfare care, team-building activities

Exciting Moments

On September 28, 2018, Premier Li Keqiang visited Jack. He encouraged Jack to shape a new competitive advantage with technological progress, create industry hidden champions with innovation and quality upgrades, and hoped that Jack would build an aircraft carrier in this industry.