Small space and free sewing range

The space is small: 1200mmX1535mm (1300mm afterfolding), the two sewing ranges can be switchedfreely: just move the X beam to the left or rightaccording to the range mark, you can switch the twosewing ranges, when change to sew a smaller area,you can put down the folding table to save space.

German design

The machine head inherits the Jack DNA familydesign, German industrial design, excellentworkmanship, the details are extremely, simple,atmospheric, surrounded by three sides of the frame,the whole machine is beautiful.

User-friendly operation screen

The operation screen is consistent with Jack's familyappearance. The whole machine is integrated, and thesurrounding is seamlessly connected with themachine. The ultimate cooperation, the three- colorbutton on the operation screen-emergency stop,pressure frame, start design, easy to operateefficiently.

Intelligent Central Presser Foot

The central presser foot act concert with theneedle perfectly, when the needle go up and leavesthe material, the central pressure foot can also pressthe down fabric, preventing the down being taken outwith needle, preventing problems such as leakage ofdown and loose and start sewing slip thread.

Higher accuracy, saving time and effort

The RFID module is ultra-highly recognized, and theaccuracy rate far exceeds the mainstream one-dimensional code recognition in the existing market.

Quick change window

Design a simple window for quick change of hookwithout turning over the machine.

Double knives movement

Double moving knife reduce the residual thread endunder fabric. Thread end is less than 4mm. It doesnot need to be trimmed twice, saving labor cost.

Wireless WIFl, networked remote control

Remote maintenance, software updating, patterntransit and processing information are realized.

Tech specs