Light and Heavy Adjustable

Though the random conversion of A-grade light material, M-grademedium and heavy material and H-grade heavy duty material by adjustingthe three grades of light, medium and thick material, and meets the needsof different changing orders for such as mesh, knitting, jean, etc.

Thickness detection

At the same time, through the automatic fabric thickness detection, themotor torque is enhanced, the sewing climbing performance is improved,and the adaptability of bone cross is more smoothly realized.

Mesh sewing mode

Sewing mesh and other thin fabric through mesh sewing mode, nowrinkle,no cutting fabric.

Short thread remaining

The unique fourth sensor patent solves theinfluence of factors such as the speed ofgestures, and realizes the garment processrequirements of the front thread (within .10mm) and the rear thread within 5mm,without secondary trimming.

Ultra-fast start and stop

Compared with other computerized sewingmachines, shortened the comprehensive start-stopresponse time to 40-50%, matching 7000 rotatingspeed and improving the eficiency significantly. Typical case: Matching 7000 rotating speed andimproving 35% efficiency significantly.Calculatedworker's salary is 4000rmb per month, monthlyincrease of 1,400rmb.

Tech specs

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