Intelligent Central Presser Foot

The central presser foot act concert with the needle perfectly which reduce the down leakage and thread skip problem efficiently

Folding Sewing Table, Easy to Install

The operation table is easy to fold,assemble within 3 minutes

Smoothly Feeding; Low Vibration

The rack is driven directly to feed in X direction, which reduce the driving consumption, and make the feeding much stable with less virabtion

Various Big Press Foot, Wide Range of Application

Various press foot are available to meet the different sewing demands that will ensure the qualified stitching

Intelligent Recognition of Templates

The machine can recognize the template intelligently unlimited by RFID technology. The accuracy can reach 100%.

Remote Maintenance; Worry Free

Remote Maintenance, software updating, pattern transit are realized.

Precise and Stable Feeding

M90 adopted with imported high-precision screw rod to drive(Y direction), stable feeding, precise stitching

Fast Pattern Input

Can make program by computer software and input by USB.

Tech specs





Neddle Needel No. Thread No. Sewing Range Max. Speed Stitch length

Central Presser Foot

Lifting Height (mm)

Volume (mm)

 Weight (kg)

DP×5  8-16# 1 2 1400×800 3000 1-5 15 2440×1340×1420 727/860
DP×5  8-16# 1 2 1400×810 3000 1-5 15 2440×1340×1420 727/860
DP×5  8-16# 1 2 1400×830 3000 1-5 15 2160×1100×1350 527/620