No Oil No Trouble,Clean And Durable

Sealed oil pan,avoid dust entering,perfect lubrication,clean and durable.

Short Remaining Thread

End sewing remaining thread is within 3,5mm, automatic condense stitch avoid loosing stitch, no need to cut remaining thread,saving time、 saving money.

Oil Window Design

Check the oil situation easily;ensure adding oil in standard range, avoid oil spillage or machine stuck without oil.

Scientific Design,Easy To Stitch

Enlarge the sewing range,suitable for various of fabrics like jeans and yarn.

Coaxial Driving,Stable And Quiet

Reduce energy loss,make the machine running fast、stable and durable.

Factory Reset

Easy to use,each operation has voice guide,one key can back to factory reset.

Tech specs



Needle Thread Number Stitch Length(mm) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Max. Speed(S.p.m) A/M H Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
DB×1 11-18# 2 5 5-13 5000   645×248×550  40/46
DB×1 11-18# 2 5 5-13 5000   645×248×550  40/46
DP×5 14-21#
2 5 5-13 4000   645×248×550 40/46



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