Automatic thread trimmer, achieve high efficiency

Automatic thread trimmer, reduce cost and increase work efficiency

Smart panel, easy to use

Easy to operate, easy to reset

LED light

Equipped with 3 level shinning, offer omnibearing brightness, make it more convenient for threading and reduce visual fatigue.

For light and heavy fabric

Enlarge the sewing range, suitable for various of fabrics, like yarn and jeans.

Humanized hand wheel design with large air flow

The hand wheel is designed with fingerprint and big fan, which makes the motor cooling effect better and the machine easy to operate, Heat dissipation is much better.

71% power saving

Maximum 71% power saving. Compare with common lockstitch machine, every year it saves 446kw/h. If per KW/h cost 1 rmb, totally it saves 459 rmb per year.

Tech specs



Needle Thread Number Stitch Length(mm) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Sewing Speed(S.p.m) Light/Meduim/Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
DB×1 11-18# 2 5 5-13 4000   671*248*550  34/41
DP×5 18-21# 2 5 5-13 3500   671*248*550  34/41
DB×1 11-18#
2 7 5-13 3500   671*248*550  34/41
DP×5 18-21#
2 7 5-13 3500   671*248*550  34/41



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