Diverse patterns & extensive uses

Up to 999 patterns could be imported in this machine through USB directly. It can be well applied to sewing for the special parts of leatherwear, leather product bags ,jeans and so on.

CTP sensor & intuitive operation

Plain and clear sewing patterns and detailed parameter makes it much more efficient for edit operation.

Easy and accurate template changing

Slot the cylindrical pin card to the fixture and step a pedal switch, a template changing will be finished quickly and accurately.

High power & extremely thick eating

High-power motor drive enables the bar tack with strong penetrating power and even super-thick material could be sewed smoothly.

Tech specs




Needle Thread Number Sewing Range(mm) Sewing Speed(S.p.m) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
DP×17 2 300×200 2700 22 1220*1220*1320