Large area

For operation,920mm, for sewing 1000x760mm, Automatic sewing, high effciency。

Capable for kinds of fabrics

Capable for kinds of fabrics.

Large screen

Large screen, easy sewing.

Quick pattern replacement

quick pattern replacement, high efficiency.

Adjustable middle presser foot

Better sewing.

Infra-Red scanning system

Recognize and Confirm Infinite Pattern Design Automatically Determines the Starting Point of Sewing, One Button Realize Operation Rapidly.


USB port to record sewing data

Air cleaning system for thread

Avoid the Thread From Dropping When Start Sewing, Ensure High Efficiency Operation and Clean the Shuttle Book at the Same Time.

Big presser foot
Suitable for sewing

big presser foot, suitable for sewing.

Tech specs



Needle Thread Number Sewing Range Sewing Speed(S.p.m) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
DP×5 2 1000×760 2300 17 1920*1620*1440 446/542
DP×5 2 1150×770 2300 17 1920*1620*1440 446/542


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