Power saving motor saves 71%

Power Saving Motor saves 71% Power Compared with Clutch Motor.

Speed adjustment

Operation Panel is Easy to Operate, High Speed Adjustment and Accounting.

Adding stitch function

Stitches can be added freely by Adding Stitch Button.

Safety switch

Once Put Down, the Machine will Stop Working Immediately. (Error NO. 7) Ensure the Safety of Operator.

LED light

Easy to observe and ease the tiredness of eyesight.

Tech specs



Needle Thread Number Stitch Length(mm) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Sewing Speed(S.p.m) Thin Material Medium-heavy Material Heavy Material Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
DBx1 11-18#  2 5 5-13 5000   635*245*550  33.5/40.2
DPx5 18-21#  2 5 5-13 3500     635*245*550 33.5/40.2
DBx1 11-18#  2 7 5-13 3500     635*245*550 33.5/40.2


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