Accurate stitch length, stable and reliable

The stepping motor controls the stitch length to an accuracy of 0.1mm, the stitch length is accurate, the quality is high, and the stitch length can be locked to avoid the difference in the length of the stitch length caused by misoperation.

Stepper motor control, the sound is lighter

Scientific design, through the stepping motor to control the reverse stitching and presser foot lifting, realize the reverse stitching and presser foot lifting silently, giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment.

3Germany design, Unique image, precise details

The height of the presser foot can be adjusted within the range of o-9 mm basing on the thickness of the fabric, saving time and convenience.

No oil on the head, clean and environmentally friendly

The head is lubricated with imported high-quality mineral grease and equipped with a bearing-type thread take-up lever to completely solve the trouble of oil pollution and clean sewing.

26MM blanking space

The leftover material slides naturally from the blanking port, keeping the sewing table fresh and clean at all times.

Voice prompt, one key direct

Each button has a detailed voice prompt, and when a fault occurs, it can be voiced to provide a detailed solution.

Tech specs