Smooth feeding, no wrinkles no layers offset

Feeding by needle and feed dog prevent the problem of wrinkles and layers offset caused by poor feeding and slipping during sewing, applicable for yarn, shirt and chiffonfabrics

The rear puller assists feeding, and the delivery force is large

PK model, cloth feeding, mop synchronization, sewing more flat; One-click adjustment, simple operation

Stepping motor control, accurate stitch length

stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by stepping motor. Stitch length adjustment function can be locked according to needs to avoid random adjustment of the stitch length.

Stepping motor control,more quiet

stepping motor control, quite. the sound of reverse stitch is lower than 20db. Persser foot lifter sound is lower than 60db.Effectively reduce noise, bring you a quite and comfortable working environment.

Beautiful stitches, no need trim the thread tail.

The thread tail after sewing is less than 3mm, and automatic lock thread to prevent thread loose.

Sealed oil pan, no oil trouble

sealed oil pan, avoid impurities, clean and durable; easy to move, no oil spills.

Large space, wide range of application

300mm large operating space, smooth feeding, even sewing such as down jackets, cotton jackets, curtains, bed sheets and duvet covers can be easily handled.

Tech specs