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【Nicaragua】Jack End-user conference meeting hit Nicaragua

Central American time 18th, August at 5:30 pm, in Nicaragua Best Western Hotel, JACK and agents held a grand End-user conference, more than 100 users from 50 different garment factories participate in this meeting.


【Vietnam】Who is the fastest performer for JK-799S?

The weather was very hot in Vietnam last week. Jack Vietnam team gave up their weekends and did a very hot activity in Dong nai province.


【Sri Lanka】Sales training& Technical training in Sri lanka

8th to 9th Aug. 2017, Jack and Sri lanka local agents cooperated together to hold a Sales& Technical training. Totally 15 sales manager attend this training and all of them are from 15 showrooms of Jack agents.


【Thailand】Thailand Distributor Thanksgiving Festival

12th,August,2017,  on occasion of traditional Mother's Day in Thailand, Jack and all the dealers across Thailand gathered together in Kanchanabury to witness the time of appreciation, which is intended to show gratitude to all the Jack dealers for their effort in the past one year.


【Bangladesh】Jack Thanksgiving Ceremony, Lighting in Chittagong

In the night of 5th, Aug. 2017, One family one dream 2017 JACK Thanksgiving ceremony was held in Chittagong station ceremoniously, that continued the effects of last station Dhaka station and had a huge impact on Chittagong market even in Bangladesh market.


【India】The Trip of Honor---the First India Sub-dealer Conference

After a year of intense marketing, Indian families have won their honor trip with their remarkable sales results - the first visit to China.


【Russia】When Fighting People Meeting Hot Summer

23rd, July, 2017, 19 Russian Jack families flied to Shanghai, China in which it is the hottest of the year from Russia where it is only 15°. However, what they feel is not only hot weather, but the enthusiasm of Jack families.


【Bangladesh】Jack Sewing Machine Entered CBIFT of Bangladesh

20th., July, 2017, First grant overseas collegiate training of Jack was held in Bangladesh CBIFT successfully.


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