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【Vietnam】Unity Creates Infinity

After 2 weeks of preparation and invitation, we finally held 2018 the first sub-dealers' conference in northern Vietnam. The meeting served as a shot of cardiac stimulant to all the sub-dealers and current Vietnam market.


【Colombia】End-user conference held in Medellin!

The end-user conference was officially held at 5 pm on April 18th.The business personnel who came to attend were from more than30 factories.


【Jack】Jack Shines on CCTV

At 10:00 PM on May 17th, CCTV4's "Across China" section focused on the development of Taizhou enterprises. In this edition of the program, three Taizhou companies were selected as representatives of Taizhou enterprises, and Jack was one of them to demonstrate the exploration and practice of private economy in Taizhou.


【Russia】“Studying and Experimenting”——2018 Russian Sub-dealer Training in China

At 10th May 2018, 18 Russian sub dealers came to Jack Company and spent a whole day in meeting and training.


【Russia】Unforgettable 2018 Russian Sub dealers Trip in China

From 6th to 13th May, 18 Russian sub dealers began their 2018 trip in China with Jack. For them, it’s the first time to visit Jack Company in person, also a good chance to know more about Jack machines and brands.


【Portugal】Jack blows forward horn in Portugal

On 3rd May, a sunny day, the sub-dealer meeting was held successfully in Portugal. This time, there were more than 40 sub-dealers attended the meeting.


【Vietnam】Jack: We Are In Nghe An, Vietnam

Nghe An, located in the middle of Vietnam,is going to have a hot summer from May, however, one activity of Jack sewing machine was held there, making the city even hotter.


【Brazil】Congratulations! Jack Brazil Importer EUROMAQ New Store Opens

Around 10am on 14th April, 2018, the new store of Jack importer EUROMAQ opened at LUZ Sewing Street, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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