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【Service Class】Parameter adjustment of JACK power-saving direct drive Electronic control ( 906B)

First, we will introduce the mainboard - 906B suit for what kinds of electric control. They are 800DI、788DI、798DI、(E4, 798D.797,) 8569 DI, 8669DI etc., so if you meet these problems about these kinds of control box , the adjustment of the parameters are as follows.


【Service Class】Lesson 13 The use of sensors on JK-900E series

Lesson 13 will teach you how to adjust the parameters of sensors


【Jack】Work report of directors—Review 2017, prepare for 2018

New Year, New Goal. On February 27, 2018, Jack International Trade Department held the debriefing session of Area Director, the whole department family starts the new prospect of the new year.


【Service Class】Lesson 12 How to improve stability of button attaching machine

JK-T1900BSK, Electronic Bartacking & Button Attaching Machine, one machine, multi functions, can realize bartacking, button attaching and also can set P pattern and C pattern etc., which is one of the most powerful new machines, but also the most cost-effective multi-function sewing equipment.


【Jack】Jack is so busy!


【 Bangladesh】Jack Bangladesh Garmentech Exhibition Successfully Held

24th, Jan. 2018, Jack sewing machine and Bangladesh agent JBL attended Garmentech exhibition which held in Bangladesh international conference center, and exhibition held four days. This year we lost the good booth position due to irresistible factor, but Jack people were motivated with high passion to make this exhibition wonderful through booth decoration and advertisement. We tried our best to make this exhibition successful in strategical meaning.


【Uzbekistan】Jack’s new mileage- Jack new store is grand opening in Namangan!

On Jan. 20th, Jack’s new store officially opened in Namangan.


【Uzbekistan】The new trend of sub-dealer meeting in Uzbekistan

On 13th Jan. 2018 Jack successfully held a sub-dealer meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. On the day of the meeting, Jack team unified wearing work uniforms to attend the conference, which showsthat Jack attaches great importance to the conference.


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