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【Italy】Overseas technical training enters Italy

In order to better develop a “localized services” to enhance the brand image of Jack 100% quick service, and also to further improve the maintenance skills of local technicians, at the end of November, Jack company and Italian distributor conducted a 3-day technical training.


【Uzbekistan】JACK: Technical training is still on the way!

As Uzbekistan’s demand for sewing equipment grows, so does the requirement. In order to totally improve the comprehensive quality of the service team, make the technicians to serve the customers with more professional and high-quality services, at the end of November, a seven-day skill training was held with the support of the Jack Uzbekistan office and the various distributor families.


【Iran】The Power of Jack in Iran

In December 2018, Iran Jack launched a six-day product promotion and technical training.Once the news was released, it caused widespread concern among Iranian Jack technicians, and during the training period, it was a wave of enthusiasm.


【Iran】Jack, the brightest star in the IRANTEX

From December 2nd to December 5th, the 24th Iran International Textile Exhibition: IRANTEX was held in the capital Tehran. And Jack attended it, which made a great wave.


Bravo! Another overseas technician training ends with success

The opening ceremony of overseas technical training in November 2018 was successfully held in Jack on November 12, 2018. There were 17 technicians attended this ceremony, who from Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, Poland, Vietnam and Mexico.


【Iran】Iranian Technicians' Training Trip in Jack

On November 10th,2018, Jack welcomed to two technicians from Iran. They visited TaiZhou this time,mainly to gain a deeper understanding of Jack products and improve their technical maintenance abilities.


【Morocco】Moroccan Technician Training in Jack

“Training is an investment that never depreciates.” Jack always puts the quality of technical service in the first place. On November 1st, two Moroccan technicians went to Jack for a twenty-day product knowledge training.


【Indonesia】Indonesian sub-dealers gathered in Jakarta Jack office

The Indonesia Jack sub-dealer meeting was successfully held in Jakarta, which was held by Indonesian distributor and Jakarta Jack office, on November 16th, 2018.


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