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【Brazil】Jack office holds a grand opening ceremony in Brazil !

On August 3, 2018, in São Paulo Jack Office celebrates its grand opening.


Jack helped the rise of Egypt's clothing industry, making efforts for the Sino Egyptian friendship.

Last week, Jack received a group of mysterious foreign friends. Under the accompaniment of Liu Lijun, the chief director of the African Region, they visited Jack Jiaojiang, Lin Hai and Chen Chen factory.


【Jack】Jack Provides Sewing Machines for Burmese Charity, Thousands of People Get Professional Skills

Just a few days ago, more than 100 age-appropriate Burmese workers graduated from the training institution with professional skill. And this training institution has trained thousands of people already.


【Jack】Jack acquires Italian VI. BE.MAC. expands its Intelligent sewing fields

3rd, July (Italy time), Jack and VI.BE.MAC. finished the equity delivery


【Argentina】Come on! Jack show in Argentina

During 10th to 13th, April 2018, the exhibition EMITEX was held successfilly in Buenos aires, Argentina, this time, our agents exhibited together and spent a lot of time and energy on jack’s booth.


【Uzbekistan】Uzbekistan team's trip to Jack

From 16th May to 2nd June, the Uzbekistan team came to China for 17-days of technical training.


【Kazakhstan】Jack Customer's Day in Kazakhstan

The "Jack Customer's Day" was held at the new Jack store in Kazakhstan from May 25th to 27th. To prepare for the Jack customer's day, A simple training for the salesmen was conducted. The training included the promotion of Jack brand, function introduction and use of the machine.


【America】Jack dazzling at SPESA exhibition

May 22nd, the exhibition SPESA had its grand opening. The exhibition was organized by Messe Frankfurt, the German Messe Frankfurt, and the United States Sewing Equipment Suppliers Association, SPESA.


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