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【Vietnam】The first sub-dealer meeting in the north of Vietnam

In 21st January 2018, Jack had all the Vietnam agents know that Facebook was occupied by JACK blue.


【Service Class】Lesson 10 How to do when the needle can not take the bottom thread at the beginning s

Computerized lockstitch sewing machine often appear a phenomenon: the needle can not take the bottom thread through the fabric at the beginning of sewing.


【Uzbekistan】 Jack’s End-user Conference- Perfect!

9th January a grand Jack end-user conference was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. More than 300 Jack users, including staff of garment factories, attended the conference.


【Service Class】Lesson 9 Steps to deal with the soaked machine

Last class, we talked about how to help yourself after the flood. Many customers think it is very useful. To meet customers' demands, Lesson 9 will teach you the detail steps to deal with the soaked machine.


【Service Class】Lesson 8 How to help yourself after the flood

As we all know that due to the heavy rain, it often has flood in summer among many countries. Many garment factories may suffer the natural disaster, which will lead the machine that do not have time to move out soaked in water. And after the flood, the most urgent thing is to make the machine work again. The lesson 8 will teach you how to help yourselves after the machine soaked in water.


【Service Class】Class 7 Maintenance Skills of Special Machine

Since the Service Class has been on the line, there are more and more Jack fans leaving massage that it is very useful for them. We have had classes about how to deal with common problems of lockstitch, overlock and interlock machine. But nowadasys computerized special machine is becoming more and more popular. Class 7 will teach you some skils to adjust upper thread trimmer of electronic lockstitch bottonholing machine .


【Service Class】Lesson 6 How to deal with computerized overlock trimming problems

Computerized overlock machine has been very popular in the market. And recently a lot of friends tell us that they want to know some maintenance skills of the computerized overlock sewing machine. The six lesson will tell you how to deal with the computerized overlock machine tirmming problems.


【Europe】JACK training in European branch

In December 2017 , the first JACK - POWER MAX electronic control box training was completed successfully in Europe .


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