Visited one of the biggest factories in Portugal

It has been a great day to visit one of the biggest factories in Portugal for Jack company. With the guide of Armando Lopes company, the official Jack agent in Portugal, Jack European sales representative Carol had a great journey of visiting the knitting wears production in company Inarbel, accompanied by the CEO, Mr José Armindo Ferraz. Here we saw the whole process of the high quality kids knitting wearing production, from yarn processing, prototype design, manufacturing to finishing.
During the visit, we are pleased to know that DK, Inarbel brand is distributing to many countries like England, Spain, UK, USA and Saudi Arabia. And it’s also good to know that both Jack company and Armando Lopes company are playing an important part in that process, offering excellent machines and services at the same time.
Facing with the unexpected pandemic and whole world situation, the owner of Inarbel shared his secret of consistent successful business in the past years, that's to be flexible and keep themselves updated to the market need, he is a wise, enterprising man with a young mind . One of the solutions to overcome the difficulties caused by pandemic was the creation of a brand, SKYLAB, disposable and reusable product line, such as uniform coats and gloves. In addition to these brands, Inarbel works with world-renowned brands. In Inarbel new project, we can see all the machines are Jack with our special blue design. All of us are looking forward to witnessing the next growth of Inarbel company, additionally we are always well prepared for supplying the goods and services in the first time.
Thank you for the consistent belief and the prior choice in Armando Lopes company, in Jack. There’s firm partnership that has lasted for almost 40 years, with many roots and a lot to do together in the future.