Jack Template Machine Inspection Service


With the template machine can use more and more process scenarios, we found that in most factories users for equipment maintenance and maintenance almost no concept, especially in the template machine plate maintenance awareness is almost zero. In order to let Vietnamese users know more about Jack template machine, use it more smoothly and improve user experience, Vietnam template machine inspection activity was also kicked off. The inspection service of template machine was jointly completed by the technical personnel of Vietnam office and local agents, and has been continuously carried out in Vietnam.
Inspection service is mainly aimed at factories that have purchased Jack formwork machines. Technicians provide free cleaning and maintenance services for the factories. In addition, technicians also discuss with relevant technicians how to improve the efficiency of the existing formwork machines in garment factories. If we promote the improvement of the templating machine technology and the possibility of adding more templating applications into the clothing template design in the future, we will provide better solutions for customers.

Local agents in Vietnam also actively sent technical personnel to learn the maintenance and daily maintenance methods of the template machine. Everyone said that Jack's fast service was 100%, which was well reflected in this event.