Seize Opportunities, Expand Mind,2022 New Breakthrough


Time flies fast, 2021 is coming to an end. Looking back on last year, we achieved great results. And confident for achieving another success next year. Because of COVID-19’s influence on various countries, Jack overseas distributor conference can only be hold online.

Jack held an online conference on the evening of Dec.20,2021. Distributors from all over the world attended the meeting online to summarize this year and plan for next year’s work.

       Mr.Li, director of Southeast Asia Bangladesh region, presided over the meeting. Because the languages of overseas distributors are different, in order to better convey the contents of the meeting, we also prepared simultaneous translation in Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and so on.


      After the simple, refined and passionate opening. Mr.Jimmy, Deputy General Manager of Jack Co., Ltd., first gave a speech. Through analyzed the global macro and micro economic development trends, the transfer trend of industrial sewing machines, and the development of competitors and Jack itself, Mr.Jimmy made a full market insight into the global sewing equipment. And also pointed out Jack's market positioning in this opportunity. At the same time, he pointed out that Jack’s future development trend is more to improve the development of retail and complete sets of equipment on the basis of stable wholesale. Jack has a strong and complete product support, which ensure the high growth in the future and gave strong confidence and motivation to the distributors.


      Subsequently, Mrs.Cathy, deputy general manager of marketing, based on the 2021 review, new opportunities, and the 2022 plan made a wonderful speech. And specific strategy target the goal of 2022 gave distributors many new ideas . Her speech enabled the distributors to grasp the situation of last year and at the same time better understand the path of next year.


       Having a good strategy is not enough, we must rely on powerful weapons. Then Mr.Robin and Mrs.Ivy, directors of Europe region and Middle East and Africa region, respectively released and shared new machines and cutting beds in 2022. Through the product release of the sewing machine, agents can clearly understand Jack's future product planning; through the introduction of cutting bed products, it can also provide agents with opportunities to broaden and intensively cultivate the market. T8 is released as a new product, and it is sure to attract consumers with its simplicity and ease of learning, high cutting efficiency, and high adaptability. Mrs.Ivy also made relevant announcements to dealers on the details that need to be paid attention to in sales. We all believe that the new products will definitely inject new vitality into Jack in 2022.

      Next is the dealer award ceremony that everyone is looking forward to. The director of Bangladesh region Mr.Li and the director of Americas region Mrs. Wendy awarded relevant honors to the dealers who performed well in 2021, which attracted the applause of the on-site staff. Although the dealer’s family members failed to come to the stage to accept the award in person, we can also feel their excitement and joy.


       After the awards, representatives of outstanding overseas distributors shared their carefully prepared sales experience online. The distance and time difference cannot resist the selfless sharing of Jack people. We believe this experience sharing will definitely bring new thinking to other distributors and help them develop next year.

      Conference was successfully concluded under the sweat and struggle of last year, a new chapter will be written in the new year. Distance can't stop our spirit, time difference can't stop our progress, Our courage is like the waves of the river, seeing the endless sea as the end of the rush.