Defeat the Covid-19, We are all together

Since mid-April, the daily increase number of coronavirus infections in India has shocked the world. With the outbreak of the second round of the epidemic, the infection rate continued to rise, and city lockdown measures were initiated across India. Some Jack agents, distributors and employees were infected. At this time, the serious shortage of medical supplies such as oxygen concentrators etc also makes us feel very worried.


Defeat the Covid-19, We are all together, as soon as the news of the second round of the outbreak in India came, Jack team immediately held a meeting to discuss support measures, and was eager to quickly assist the Indian agent team to fight the corona virus. Mr. Ruan Jixiang, the founder of Jack shares, also sent a letter of condolence to all Indian agents at the first time, telling India agent team that Jack has been with them.



Time is life. With the cooperation of the Jack Indian team members, hundreds of oxygen concentrators, blood oxygen meters and 1,000 boxes of anti-epidemic drugs purchased urgently have been delivered to India by international express delivery. India agents and employees who unfortunately have been infected with the coronavirus have more guarantees after receipt the materials, and the good news of their physical recovery continues to come.




Since the first round of the epidemic broke out in India in 2020, Jack Company responding as soon as possible, not only for Indian agents the actual material help, and also brings the strength of warm forward to the India agent team. We share a common destiny. With the joint efforts of everyone, the epidemic in India will eventually be overcome.