Jack sets up Yikeda Company, officially enters the hanger field

2nd, Dec., 2019, Jack issued an announcement saying it is planned to establish a joint venture subsidiary with Shanghai Ouluote Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ouluote”) — Zhejiang Yikeda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yikeda”).


Yikeda has a registered capital of 55 million yuan, Jack contributed 38.5 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the registered capital; Ouluote contributed 16.5 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the registered capital.

Yikeda's main business is the R&D, production, sales and technical services of products and accessories such as hanging smart devices. It will gradually enter the post-sewing field in the future.


Before, Jack was the only clothing intelligent manufacturing complete solution service provider in the world that integrates before-sewing, sewing and software.

Since Jack was founded in 1995, sewing equipment has always been the company's core business.

In-sewing equipment is the equipment used for sewing. It is further subdivided into lockstitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, interlock sewing machines, special machines, template machines and so on.

In 2017, the Italian company MAICA acquired by Jack was a service provider for sewing equipment specializing in the development and manufacture of shirt manufacturing equipment.


▲MAICA Factory in Italy


MAICA workshop in China

In 2018, the Italian company VI.BE.MAC acquired by Jack is a service provider of sewing equipment specializing in the development and manufacture of sewing denim fabric equipment.


▲Acquisition signing ceremony of Jack & VIBEMAC


▲VIBEMAC factory in Italy


▲VIBEMAC workshop in Italy

And the before-sewing equipment is a new growth point for Jack's development.

In 2009, Jack set a example for overseas mergers and acquisitions of private enterprises in the Chinese sewing industry, and entered the before-sewing field with the German BULLMER company that has 80 years of history and the reputation of “Mercedes-Benz”.


▲Bullmer factory in China

Before-sewing is spreading and cutting, compared with manual cutting, Bullmer's cutting bed and cloth spreading machine can greatly improve work efficiency, which is very important for clothing manufacturers.


▲Bullmer workshop in China

In addition, Bullmer's cutting equipment is also suitable for cutting soft products of vehicles, airplanes, yachts and other travel tools. Boeing and Ferrari brands are long-term customers of Bullmer.


▲Bullmer workshop in Germany

In the ten years that Jack and Bullmer held hands, they have helped each other and complemented each other, and used their performance to create a merger and acquisition story. In 2009, Bullmer's annual sales were only more than 40 million yuan; in 2018, Bullmer's annual sales reached nearly 500 million yuan.

This time, Jack's establishment of Yikeda will rely on its technology in the field of hanging to further improve the complete set of clothing intelligent manufacturing solutions before, during, and after sewing, so as to achieve sbeforeading, cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging, warehousing ect.  the whole process of clothing production.

Let the world have no difficulty to make clothing, and let the garment industry workers work happily. Jack has never forgotten his original intention, and continues to build on the road of building the first brand of global sewing equipment!