【Morocco】Jack's offline promotion in Tangier

EID-al-Adha is one of the biggest festival in Arabic countries. Jack also makes full use of this chance before the holiday. Jack salesman, together with SWIMAC STORE team, visited garment factories in the biggest sewing machine market in Tangier to introduce Jack products and provide after-sales service.


Jack Morocco agent's son and his team of technicians actively cooperated with the publicity visit, and went to garment factories one by one to provide after-sales service. At the same time, they introduced Jack's new machine and provided the suitable Jack machines according to their requirements.


Despite the hot weather, all Jack family members visited factories for 2 weeks and our steps cover 80% of Tangier garment factories. While maintaining the old customers, they also discovered potential customers and got some garment orders instantly by promotion policy.


Written & Translated by Nicole