Bridge of Friendship Between China and Italy

The year 2019 arrived , a year full with opportunities and challenges. In order to understand Italian Market better and also help Italian distributor team to know Jack company, we invited Italian distributors to visit Jack at the end of March.

During the 24th-25th , Italian distributors and Jack staffs went to Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, and visited the local Jack agents. Under the guidance of the Dongyang general agent, all distributors visited different local Jack standard shops and a big garment factory together. And after that, they exchanged opinions on development of Jack's brand in their own markets, and agreed that in the process of developing the Jack brand, these distributors and service teams have played an important role.

And on the 26th, they came to Taizhou, Zhejiang province, on the 27th, Italy distributors visited Jack Xiachen, Jiaojiang and Linhai production lines one after another and they highly praised Jack's advanced production equipments and management systerm. Through this visit, they were amazed at the scale of Jack company, not only had a deeper understanding of Jack, but also enhanced their confidence in cooperation with Jack.


on the 28th , at the Italian distributors conference, Mr.Leo did the welcome speech. After that ,Ms.Emma delivered the report about Jack 2018 performance and 2019 developing plan in this year. During the conference ,Ms. Emma and Jack’s Italian agent together gave awards to 3 distributors who was doing well in 2018 sales. Later all the participators  together discussed how to promote Jack in Italy, combining their experience in domestic market. There was a warm atmosphere that everyone shared their own sales opinions. Additionally, we also organized some games about machines C4 and A5. Through the game, everyone fully understood Jack's machine and made a high evaluation.

Time flies, the short journey was over. During one week, we deepen the friendship and also know each other better.  Everyone has much more confidence in the Jack sales in Italy. We believe that Jack's sales in Italy will reach new heights in 2019.


Written & Translated by Laurel