CGTN "Today's World" news live into Jack

On the afternoon of March 7th, the reporter of China Global Television Network (CGTN), an international communication agency of CCTV, came to Taizhou and broadcast a live news at Jack Jiaojiang factory.


In the live broadcast, Mr.Jimmy, the general manager of Jack's sewing machine department, and Wu Lei, the reporter of CGTN's "Today's World", communicated in English throughout the whole process, and expressed great welcome to the confidence and support brought by the Prime Li’s report to the enterprises.


Before the interview, CGTN reporter Wu Lei communicated with Jimmy and the vice presidents of Jack Holdings Group, Chen Huagui.

Mr. Wu said the two sessions had attracted worldwide attention, with premier Li's government work report saying that the government should "support the development of private enterprises", "stimulate and protect entrepreneurship, enhance entrepreneurs' confidence and enable private enterprises to play their part in the market economy".


Chen Huagui expressed his gratitude to CGTN for selecting Jack as a representative of Zhejiang private enterprises. He said, at the beginning of this year, Jack will be "comprehensive to high-quality development" determined as the company's current and future three years of development strategic planning, strive to realize the world's first sewing equipment brand!