【Vietnam】What happened at this Vietnam annual meeting?

As the spring festival draws near, on this joyous occasion to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, Jack's Vietnamese team held an annual meeting on January 18 at the Hanoi office with the theme 2018 thanks for having you, 2019 we will make progress together and develop together. Authorized sub-dealers from all over Vietnam have gathered with Jack's Vietnamese team to discuss plans for new year.


This meeting specially invited the authorized sub-dealers to attend, Two A5 and three special machines placed on site were favored. In particular, the Thread Cleanness Computerized Lockstitch Machine A5, is extremely interested in the function of the "saving trimming threading process", and everyone was eager to try it.


What is more worth mentioning is that we released the " Buy A5 to win 100,000,000 VND award " activity, which provoked the whole audiences to cheer. 


At the meeting, in the impassioned speech and representation, the dealer family learned about the changes happened in Jack in 2018. Following the acquisition of Bullmer and MAICA, Jack acquired the Italian VBM company, which has a 40-year history for Jeans.



In 2018, Jack in north Vietnam market not only achieved good sales results, but also established 48 Jack standard shops, held 16 marketing activities, all-round perspective in Vietnam to promote Jack brand, which also let the dealer family in Vietnam full confidence! 


A family member from Hanoi said, "Jack is so cool!!As it turns out, I was right to join Jack, and in 2019 I am very confident of breaking through the 2018 results."

Written & Translated by Ariana