【Poland】Jack makes the winter no longer cold!

At the end of December, Jack Poland Sub-dealer Annual Meeting was held as scheduled. More than 50 Jack sub-dealers from Poland attend this meeting. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the local agent gave a speech. Thanks to all the sub-dealers' effort, with their hard work in the past year, Jack's sales amount in Poland are higher and higher year by year. Thanks also to the support given by Jack Headquarters.


Agent has prepared the special awards and diplomas as a part of thanks and distinctions. During the meeting, the local sales introduced Jack's authorization sub-dealer selection rules and issued the 2019 year authorization certificate for authorized family members. Most important link was to give award to the Top 10 sub-dealers, The subsequent awards ceremony brought the atmosphere to a climax. 


Jack's success in Poland is inseparable from the struggle of local dealers. Under the joint efforts of Jack and local dealers, Jack grew from a "newcomer" to the "elderly" favored by the local market.

For many years, with Poland agent dedicated to charity. At this meeting, the agent donated the money from the machine auction to the orphanage. Agent's warm move was also supported by the two sub-dealers who received the machine awards, they auctioned their prizes and donated them to the orphanage in full, giving their love to the orphanage, let this winter is no longer cold!


At the end of the day, Impall held a big Jack party, All the family members toast to the coming end of 2018 and gave best wishes to 2019!


In the future, Jack will continue to use its focus and frankness to support the growth of its partners. While providing high-quality products, it will support charitable activities and let the "Chinese wisdom" and charity spirit spark the love and let the hearts of the two peoples get closer!


Written & Translated by Anna