【India】Jack Bangalore End User Conference Holds Successfully


After intensive preparation, Jack Bangalore 2018 End User Conference was very successfully held in Bangalore TAJ hotel on 21st Dec.

Under the strict control of customer level and guest quantity, still more than 200 A & B level factory customers came and all of them enjoyed a lot in the event. 


Mr. Lucian, the manager of Indian region, gave an important introduction to the current size of Jack, the support that the India team can give to customers, and the future direction of the company. Let the garment factory customers have a deeper understanding of the strength of Jack.


With the improvement of the quality and reputation of Jack machines, more and more large-scale terminal garment factories have also used Jack's machines. The market that has long been occupied by Japanese brands has begun to appear more and more Jack Blue. And a number of loyal users of the Jack brand have also emerged. 


In this terminal conference, 15 sets high-end mainstream models were exhibited, such as A6F, C5, and 5878-68, and the program-able pattern machine 2210. Let some customers who have not purchased our machines can feel it. 


At the same time, the Minister of Karnataka and the Director of the Clothing Export Promotion Committee also participated in the meeting. TV and newspaper media interviewed key guests and Jack India team managers and broadcast on TV channels tonight. More media will report on these activities in the next few days.


This high-profile event takes our activities in India to another level. Believe that with the support of agents, distributors and customers, the future development of the Indian market will also reach a new height. 


Written & Translated by Carry