【Brazil】Cheers for Jack Brazil Service Center !

Where is the best place to learn the sewing machine technology?  Jack Brazil Service Center! Two technical trainings were held this month at the Jack Brazil Service Center in Sao Paulo. Presented by a professional Spanish-Portuguese bilingual technician —— Thomas, he explained the basic electronic knowledge, machine operation and circuit board maintenance in detail.


During the training, the staff prepared a variety of tools and components, so that technicians can not only learn the written knowledge, but also personally practice the operation and learn while practicing.


Of course, how can we lack of football in the eager Brazil? After the end of a week of intense technical training, Jack Brazil office also organized the first Jack Cup friendly match. The players wearing Jack T-shirts were energetic on the football field. In the midst of laughter and cheers, the last technical training of Jack Brazil Service Center in 2018 came to an end.


Let's cheer up for the Jack Brazil Service Center. Hope that all the technicians who have participated in Jack's technical training can feel the warmth of home and expect the Jack Brazil service center to be better and better.


Written & Translated by Diana