【Portugal】Overseas technical training in Portugal

The chill of winter is coming violently, but it can't stop the step of Jack's technical training in Portugal. At the end of the November, the Jack's Portuguese team and Portuguese distributor held the 3 days of technical training together.


More than 20 sub-dealers and technicians who come from different cities of Portugal met in the training. This training included these machines which are very popular in Portugal Market, like A4、A5-WN、C4、C5、K4、1900BSK、2210F1-D. Rigorous course, rich contents and the learning method that the explain of PPT combines with the practices made the attenders have a deeper understanding of the Jack's machine.


Jack's technical staffs and all the participants studied from each other, made a heated discussion about the machines according to corresponding market, gave the operation of machines more possibilities. The whole training process was intense and orderly, and all the attenders were full of passion. Some of them have the 5 or 6 years machine maintenance experience, but also some are just start in the sewing machine field.



The teacher of the training said,

Technicians with experiences can propagandize to the others after the training. But of course, the technology can’t be learned in a day, we teach the methods, but they need to accumulate, summarize by themselves.

This form of training has also been recognized by the field participants, they said,

In this activity we not only can learn the technology, but also can communicate with the people who have rich experiences of the maintenance, and have more friends. No matter how many times such an activity is held, we want to participate!


Due to the enthusiasm of the trainees, Jack's Portuguese team and Portuguese distributor said that this kind of training will be held continuously in the future, aim at building a better platform for technology exchange. It is believe that after this training the sub-dealers and the technicians will be able to better master the basic operation and maintenance of Jack's machine and provide better service to the customers in the future.

Written & Translated by Delora