【Italy】Overseas technical training enters Italy

In order to better develop a “localized services” to enhance the brand image of Jack 100% quick service, and also to further improve the maintenance skills of local technicians, at the end of November, Jack company and Italian distributor conducted a 3-day technical training. When the sub-dealers heard the news, they actively enroll in this training.


In the technical training, Jack service staff made detailed introductions about the main machines of Italian Market like A4、A5、E4、C4、JK-T1900BSK、JK-T1790BS, and so on. During the training, with the Powerpoint plus the machine operation training method, trainer explained how to set the parameters, the functions of each parameter and the adjustment method.


During the training, trainees listened carefully to the lectures, took notes, and took the initiative to ask questions from the trainer. After training, all the participants have a deeper understanding of the machine and laid a solid foundation for the next promotion. 


This is the first Italian technical training, the technicians and also sub-dealers have a deeper understanding of the basic operation and maintenance of Jack’s machine. In the training, a attender mentioned:




We have many customers who use the Jack’s machine, and sometimes they make some mistakes in operation, resulting in machine failure. This time, I came to participate in the training, that is to learn more about Jack machines and go back to help my customers solve the problem.


In the training class, everyone speak freely and offer suggestion to the future plan of the Italian market. After the Italian distributor give a brief introduction of Jack different kinds of marketing activities around the world, the sub-dealers said: "We also have to take actions from now!" " We believe that with the help of the constantly improving Jack service, the Italian market will be able to be much more brilliant in the furture."

Written & Translated by Delora