【Uzbekistan】JACK: Technical training is still on the way!

As Uzbekistan's demand for sewing equipment grows, so does the requirement. In order to totally improve the comprehensive quality of the service team, make the technicians to serve the customers with more professional and high-quality services, at the end of November, a seven-day skill training was held with the support of the Jack Uzbekistan office and the various distributor families.


It is understood that this training attracted more than 20 students, who mainly learned these popular machines in Uzbekistan, such as A2, A4, A5, A6F, E4, C4, W4, K4. The contents of training covered machine theory and technical characteristics, practical exercises. After learning the theoretical knowledge early in every morning, the trainees were arranged to practice themselves. The combination of the above two allowed the learners to better understand and master the machines. On the last day of the training, the students were also scheduled to take the test. According to the time of repair, repair ability, attitude of the service, and the attendance rate and conditions in the classes, excellent people can get great prizes. More than 20 students did live up to expectations, all of them passed the test, and received certificates and exquisite prizes.


In this just one week, the trainees expressed their great gains and strengthened their trust in Jack and the trust in machines of Jack's brand!


Jack's products are becoming more and more intelligent. The serviced clothing factory recently purchased a lot of A5, and the boss praised, that thanks to A5 he saved a lot of labor costs. And ye said, later repair and maintenance of these the machines will need our help But I was so worried, cause I learned old repair technology before, I was afraid, that I can not maintain such a high-end machine. However, after finishing the classes in the past few days, I found that Jack's products are intelligent, that makes whether maintenance or overhaul easier than the old machines, which I repaired before!


After finishing the class, I found that I still know too little about Jack's machine! I am very grateful to Jack for giving us such an opportunity to provide free training so that we can learn so much knowledge!

The distributor-families also held a positive attitude towards this event, hoped Jack can hold such training more in the future and expressed firm confidence in the cooperation with Jack in the future.


Although the one-week training has ended, the road to learning is still very long. In addition to providing high-quality products, Jack has always focused on training and guiding. This training in Uzbekistan is to help our distributor-families to understand Jack's products and plans, moreover, to improve the repair ability and level of service persons, to play the role of the office; to enhance its own strength with combining the strength of Jack and its own advantages, thus, to become bigger and stronger.

Written & Translated by Karen