【Iran】The Power of Jack in Iran

In December 2018, Iran Jack launched a six-day product promotion and technical training.Once the news was released, it caused widespread concern among Iranian Jack technicians, and during the training period, it was a wave of enthusiasm. Technicians from all over Iran came to karaj to participate in this rare technical training, but also to gain a deeper understanding of Jack products.


The main products explained in this training are 1900, 1377E, 782E, E4 and A4. During the training, Iranian technicians listened to the lecture carefully and took notes attentively. Whenever trainer talked about important knowledge, they held up their mobile phones to record videos for fear of missing every detail.After the training, they read the training content of the day over and over again. If they don't understand it, they will record it and send it to the technicians in China to help solve the problems.


It is worth mentioning that women also participated in this training, which has become a beautiful scenery. They are very interested in technical training, not afraid of dirty tired, every training sit in the front row. When the trainer explains the mechanical knowledge in detail, They concentrated on watching, listening very carefully, asking questions and getting timely answers from the trainer.


This training has achieved good results. Iranian technicians said that they have learned many new skills and solved the difficult technical problems. They look forward to continuing the training in northern Iran next year and also promoting  our new machine A5. 


Although Iran's economic situation is not optimistic, but the training greatly increased the confidence of Jack distributors, we believe that Iranian market will be better and better!

Written & Translated by Sally