【Iran】Jack, the brightest star in the IRANTEX

From December 2nd to December 5th, the 24th Iran International Textile Exhibition: IRANTEX was held in the capital Tehran. And Jack attended it, which made a great wave.


IRANTEX is the largest and most professional textile and garment industry exhibition in the Middle East. It is held once a year to attract textile and apparel practitioner from neighboring countries in the Middle East and around the world to attend the exhibition. 


Jack booth is undoubtedly one of the brightest stars, attracting the attention of a lot of media and customers. Due to the current poor economic situation in Iran, we introduced the sewing machine with attractive functions and reasonable price to the exhibition this time.


During these days of the exhibition, jack Iran team did their best to promote the Jack brand to the customers and explain Jack's strengths compared with other brand machine. Thousands of customers have been attracted by Jack's charm to enter the Jack booth to experience the high-quality technology of Jack sewing machines. After a detailed understanding, the customers are mostly amazed at Jack's power, products and after-sales service. And Jack Middle East Regional Director Mr. Martin also made a special trip to there to support it.


Due to the international situation, Iran’s domestic economy is not optimistic now, and jack is as hard as all other brands. But on the other side, we should also see chances in the current situation, because other brands may face worse conditions than Jack. And we believe that with the unremitting efforts of the Jack Iran team, and we can take the opportunity to gain higher market share to lays the foundation for future development in Iranian market. 


Written & Translated by Carlos