Bravo! Another overseas technician training ends with success

The opening ceremony of overseas technical training in November 2018 was successfully held in Jack on November 12, 2018. There were 17 technicians attended this ceremony, who from Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, Poland, Vietnam and Mexico. At the opening ceremony, the director of service department and the sales director of the Africa region made a speech respectively, and also warmly welcome the technicians to Jack.

After the opening ceremony, the technicians had a tour in Jiaojiang and Linhai factories. The technicians showed great interest in the exhibition hall machines, and actively asked questions from the lecturers. At Linhai Special Machine Workshop, the technicians were fortunate enough to see the assembly of some of the latest models, and have a strong interest in these.


On November 13th, the technical training course for overseas technicians was officially started. The electronic control and mechanical training were carried out in an orderly manner under the guidance of two teachers. The electronic control training students are composed of technicians from India, Thailand and Ecuador. Most of the trainees are beginners and not really know much about electronic control. Despite this, they always ask questions in the classroom, keep up with the progress, and form a good training atmosphere for active questioning. 


The mechanical training students are composed of technicians from India, Poland, Vietnam and Mexico. The theory and practice are closely combined in the classroom, and the teacher also carefully explained when somebody face difficulties. Skilled overseas technicians also actively share their skills and communicate with national technicians in easy-to-understand body language. Everyone was deeply immersed in the atmosphere of learning.


In order to experience Chinese traditional culture and Taizhou culture, overseas technicians also visited the historical and cultural attractions such as Dabei Temple, East Lake, Jiangnan Ancient Great Wall after the training.


After nearly a month of training, the electronic control training class carry out final exam on November 30th. Kriwanto, who came from Indonesia, got NO.1 in this final exam with excellent technical skills and a tireless learning attitude. As the only female student of this training, Salomé from Ecuador, got NO.3 at the ranking. At the closing ceremony,all of students all sincerely shared their learning experiences with each other. This training was successfully concluded with warm applause.


Then, the mechanical training class was completed on December 5th in the Linhai Special Machine Study Room.

At the examination of mechanical training class was completed on December 5th, Afa won the first place, who came from Vietnam, with excellent skills and years of experience in machine repair. William from Indonesia and Christian from Poland won the second and third respectively.


In order to improve the quality of Jack's service and strengthen the overseas technical support of Jack, we work hand-in-hand with the dealers at home and abroad to improve the hard power of the technicians by training. Jack's service will get better and better.

Written & Translated by Liam