【Iran】Iranian Technicians' Training Trip in Jack

On November 10th, 2018, Jack welcomed to two technicians from Iran. They visited Taizhou this time,mainly to gain a deeper understanding of Jack products and improve their technical maintenance abilities.


During the training, they worked together, one learned mechanical knowledge and the other learned electronic control. In order to make them learn better, Jack developed a learning plan for them and arranged special trainers and translators.


During the training, the technicians learned lockstitch, overlock, interlock and special machine in the Xiachen and Linhai factories respectively. They listened carefully, concentrated on taking notes and raised questions in connection with the situation in the Iranian market The trainers answered patiently. After the training, they summarized the training content and learning experience timely, and previewed the learning content of the next day.


They said, although they encountered a lot of difficulties in the learning process, after the trainers comprehensively and patiently explained them, from the basic machine parameter  to the machine maintenance, many existing problems can be solved.


More than training, regional sales team also invited technicians to participate in team outings. Climbing the mountain together, watching the sea, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Taizhou. A enriched and fun team trip, and the lovely and warm Jack families impressed them. They said, this visit to Jack is worthwhile! They will combine the content of training, go deeper into the Iranian market, and work hard to provide better service to Iranian customers. 


Written & Translated by Rebecca