【Morocco】Moroccan Technician Training in Jack

“Training is an investment that never depreciates.”Jack always puts the quality of technical service in the first place. Every year, Jack arrange excellent domestic and foreign technicians to study at the company, strengthens technicians' understanding of Jack products, and improves their level of maintenance technology, by which we can better Serve Jack's sewing machines all over the world. On November 1st, two Moroccan technicians went to Jack for a twenty-day product knowledge training.


According to the development plan of the Moroccan market next year, the training is mainly to let technicians have a clear concept of the use and operation of large-area pattern sewing machine, and its learning focus on the skilled operation of CAD and electronic control software.Previously, Moroccan technicians learned more about mechanical knowledge, and software learning was difficult for them .But with the patient teaching of after-sales teachers and the unremitting efforts of technicians, they are very familiar with the operation of software.During the course, the technicians listened and took notes very carefully with serious attitude, which greatly improved the learning efficiency and laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the local technical after-sales level.


During the training in the Linhai factory, we also witnessed the friendship between the Moroccan and Indian technicians. Although the technicians of the two countries do not speak the same language, they help each other in the teaching process because of the same love for mechanical technology. With the help of translators, they discuss how to solve the problems of the machine and have a good learning atmosphere.


In order to relieve their study pressure, jack also arrange a special tour for them.The technicians were not only impressed by the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, but also showed great interest in some traditional handicraft products and local cuisine, they spent a pleasant weekend in Linhai.


This training has enabled Moroccan technicians to have a deeper understanding of Jack products, which not only improved their technical level, but also promote Jack products in the Moroccan market. We believe that after returning to Morocco, they will share what they have learned with more local technicians and let Jack's service make a qualitative leap in the Moroccan market.


Written & Translated by  Nassima