Jack is an excellent model for China's reform and opening up

On the afternoon of September 25, accompanied by Ye Weizeng, director of the Taizhou Finance Office, Zhang Yongfeng, the director of China Global Television Network (CGTN) "Reform and Open 40 Years", visited Jack with a group of 3 people.Ruan Fude,the chairman of Jack group,was interviewed.
Ruan Fude welcomed the arrival of Zhang Yongfeng and others and introduced Jack's development. Ruan Fude said that for more than 20 years, Jack has been adhering to the core values of focusing, concentration, simplicity, and gratitude, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and focusing on the sewing equipment industry for 20 years.
In the first half of this year, Jack has developed into the world's largest production and sales scale and R&D investment, the largest number of patent applications, and the strongest profitability of sewing equipment enterprises. It has won the National Ministry Industry and Information Technology Manufacturing Individual Champion Demonstration Enterprise, National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Top 50 Light Industry Brands and other honorary titles.
”Jack from the family workshop factory into the first sewing machine brand in the global sales, completely is the fruits of reform and opening up.”
Ruan Fude said that today, Jack, aiming at the invisible champion in the international sewing equipment industry segment, has acquired German Bullmer with the reputation of “Mercedes” in the cutting machine industry, Italy MAICA with more than 80 years of history, focusing on the shirt-making equipment,Italy VI.BE.MAC, the leading company in the field of jeans industrial sewing machines. This series of international mergers and acquisitions is of great significance to enhance Jack's technology research and development capabilities, build smart factories, realize intelligent manufacturing, and accelerate internationalization.
Ye Weizeng is proud of Jack's achievements. He said to Zhang Yongfeng, "Jack has become a business card for Taizhou International M&A, and the companies acquired by Jack have been well developed.“
Zhang Yongfeng expressed his gratitude for the introduction of Ruan Fude. Zhang Yongfeng said that he had already heard of Jack’s story. This time he was able to come here personally, very happy.
”Jack has developed from the poor and blank of the year to the leading company in the sewing machine manufacturing industry, and enjoys a good reputation in the international arena. Every step is hard-won. This is exactly the same as China’s reform and opening up. Jack is an excellent template of China’s reform and opening up.”
Zhang Yongfeng praised Jack for its admiration for smart manufacturing. "The goal is clear, the strategy is clear, and the vision is encouraging! I sincerely hope that China has more and more companies like Jack!”