The Prime Minister Li Keqiang personally visited Jack!

On the morning of September 28th, it was a historic moment for Jack, and it was an exciting time for more than 7,000 Jack people - The Prime Minister Li Keqiang personally visited Jack! 
Jack focused on his main business and was affirmed by The Prime Minister Li:
This is a very powerful and very difficult thing.
When The Prime Minister Li got off the bus, he took the elevator to the MAICA Product Showroom on the second floor. In the elevator, a drawing board of Jack's products was used in a Jordan Classic Fashion factory, which aroused the interest of the Prime Minister. Upon exiting the elevator door, the Prime Minister asked the founder of Jack Ruan Jixiang about the international trading and export situation of Jack.Ruan  Jixiang answered one by one.
 In front of the electronic screen of the MAICA product showroom, Jack Ruan used a 6-page PPT to report the development situation of Jack to The Prime Minister Li from R&D investment, international mergers and acquisitions, industrial clusters, Belt and Road, garment intelligent manufacturing industrial Internet platform, and a thousand acres of high-end intelligent manufacturing industry base planning.

Ruan Jixiang said that  Taizhou, Zhejiang is the birthplace of Chinese private economy. Twenty-three years ago, Jack originated from the entrepreneurial hot spot, and  grew from a small workshop of more than a dozen people in the country to a global enterprise with 7,000 employees. This is the epitome of the reform and opening up of the private economy in Taizhou.

Ruan Jixiang also reported to The Prime Minister Li that Taizhou is building the world's most advanced 100-million level sewing industry intelligence base, the first phase of Jack's 1,000-mu high-end intelligent manufacturing industry base.Under the decision of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to implement the “maximum run once” reform, the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government implemented the “five-hearted” and “mother-style” services, which were completed from the establishment of the project to the start of construction for 30 days. Ruan Jixiang expressed his heartfelt thanks.



In the industry, Jack, the number one sales for 8 consecutive years in the world,the number one export sales in China sewing machinery industry for 9 consecutive years,the comprehensive strength ranked first in China sewing machinery industry for four consecutive terms.Leading more than 500 sewing and supporting enterprise cluster to develop together.Also affirmed by the Prime Minister.
Ruan Jixiang also said that since the development of Jack, he has been focusing on the sewing industry, and has never been involved in other industries such as finance and real estate.The Prime Minister Li praised that this is very determined and very difficult.
The Prime Minister Li also asked with some curiosity that in the past few years,people who has done financial and real estate has made a lot of money. Are you not tempted?
The Prime Minister Li asked:" did the bank find you?"
 Mr.Jack Ruan said:"Bank find us to deposit money with them but not for the loan" 
Prime Minister Li also asked if the core technologies such as controllers and electronic components were mastered by Jack, and affirmed that Jack had mastered the core technology hedging trade risks
The intelligent equipment, makes the Prime Minister Li very interested:
Sewing machine technology has been reformed like this now! 
After listening to the report of Mr.Jack Ruan, Prime Minister Li walked into the showroom, where showed the Jack Acquired company products like intelligent equipment from Italian MAICA company and V.B.MAC company and Jack independently developed intelligent equipment.
Prime Minister Li is very interested in these intelligent sewing equipment. He said that the fabric material is soft and not as easy to automate as steel. Now the design of this robot, air, sensor and computer controller are very Sophisticated, and the design of this fixture is also very clever. Prime Minister Li also felt that this design can be applied to many other automatic industries.
After leaving the showroom,  the Prime Minister Li came to the lockstitch assembly workshop. In the workshop,  Prime Minister Li saw Jack A5, a Jack independently developed sewing machine without hand thread cutting. After seeing the sample sewing fabric without the thread tail, Prime Minister Li was shocked and said that the sewing machine technology was reformed like this now, the thread is firm and the quality is good. It solve the cloth sewing quality problem, very good! 
The Prime Minister Li cares about the Front-line workers
Friendly dialogue with the workers
As the world's largest manufacturer of sewing equipment, Jack has the world's largest sewing machine production base. In 2017, Jack's sewing machine production reached 1.42 million units.
In the lockstitch and overlock assembly workshop,  the Prime Minister Li saw the tidy workshop, more than 900 workers were working in the line production.
When the Prime Minister Li walked to a test station, he stopped and talked with one worker Wang Peng. He asked him in detail: How many years have you been in the company? How much is the salary income? Does the company give free accommodation? Is it expensive to rent a house? Where is your hometown? Where is your registered residence? And so on.
Regarding the concern of the Prime Minister Li, Wang Peng was very excited and answered the question of the Prime Minister Li one by one. He said that he worked for Jack for 8 years and was satisfied with the present situation. He was very happy in work and life. The Prime Minister Li listened and nodded frequently.
There are more than 4,000 workers, including more than 3,000 non-local employees, and the average annual income of employees reach RMB 80,000. The company constantly improves the career development channels of employees, encourages them to carry forward the craftsman spirit, delve into the skills, and let the struggling laborers work and live decently.
Returnee’s expert let the Prime Minister Li “step back three times”
The Ph.D. at Heidelberg University is not easy to get.
Out of the workshop, the Prime Minister Li will end this trip to Jack. Before leaving, he cordially shook hands and communicated with Jack employees.
When the Prime Minister Li and Dr. Yu Hengji took the hand, Mr. Jack said: "This is our returnee doctor."
The Prime Minister Li immediate came back and asked: "Which country had you returned from? How many years have you worked abroad?"
Dr. Yu replied that he stayed in Germany for 27 years and returned to China four years ago.
After a while, the Prime Minister Li came back and asked him: "Which university is it? What is your major?"
Dr. Yu is Jack's chief engineer and a 77th graduate of Nankai University. His major is physics. Later he went to Heidelberg University in Germany to study for a Ph.D., major in physics.
When heard that Dr. Yu had studied at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The Prime Minister Li immediately said: "I have been to Heidelberg University, and it is very famous in Germany." He also asked, "How many years have you got Dr. Heidelberg, eight years?"
Dr. Yu replied that after three and a half years, the Prime Minister Li was a little surprised, "Really, so fast?"
Dr. Yu said: "We are working hard to study there."
The Prime Minister Li greatly appreciated, he said that the Ph.D. at Heidelberg University is not easy to get.
Future development, Prime Minister Li expects,
Hope you can build “an aircraft carrier” in this market.
 In the communicating with the Jack people, Prime Minister Li said Jack’s development in future. It makes Jack people encouraged.
Prime Minister Li also said that the potential of the daily consumer goods market is very large and infinite. People have to eat food, wear garment and use consumer goods, and the mainly part of wear and use are related to the industry you are doing now.
Mr. Ruan said beside,”There is a Chinese proverb, garment, food, accommodation and transportation, garment is first, in front than food.”
Prime Minister Li laughed after listening. He added and said that there is another saying “hunger breeds discontentment”, both garment and food are very important. Then he said, your machines not only make garment, but also can make various decorations, and applies it to aviation, navigation, car decoration, home decoration, like these you can do all of them.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Li said the development of the sewing machinery industry. He said that the sewing machine manufacturing is a typical traditional industry. I hope Jack company keep innovation, let the traditional industry glow new vitality. There is no outdated industry, only the concept of being outdated.
 He encouraged Jack company to create new competitive advantage with technological advancement and create an industry "invisible champion" with innovation and quality upgrades.


Prime Minister Li also said that the sewing machine industry was focused on sewing with needle one by one. Now robot instead of manual. He asked, can your robot be expanded and become a larger robot. Can it be done? Larger robots can make bigger products.
Mr. Yu answered, “we are doing now.”
 Prime Minister greatly appreciated and placed great hopes on it after heard that. Hope that you will build “an aircraft carrier” in this market.
Finally, Prime Minister Li propounded to take a group photo with everyone. The Jack people were very excited that Prime Minister Li close to the people. They were surrounded by Prime Minister Li and recorded this unforgettable moment. Everyone have said that they will go back and profoundly study and understand the spirit of Prime Minister Li’s speech.
Prime Minister Li and Mr. Ruan go to attend the symposium after Jack trip. 
Prime Minister will preside and held a symposium and to listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs on the development of the real economy.
22 entrepreneurs attended the conference, and Jack chairman Mr. Ruan is one of them.
On the afternoon of September 30th , Jack organizes all Party members to study the Spirit of the Prime Minister's speech in Zhejiang Province. Jack Group Party Secretary Mr. Ruan said:” it is an honor for us to have the Prime Minister to come to Zhejiang, to come to Jack. Is also the affirmation that we have adhered to industry for many years. We must implement the spirit of the Prime Minister's speech, is to run the enterprises well, to develop the product well, continuously and healthily."