【Namangan】JACK automation, leading the upgrade of clothing equipment

On September 9th, Jack held a crowded user conference in Namangan, Uzbekistan, where nearly 150 clothing companies gathered. Before the conference started, everyone arrived at the conference site early to see the machines, talk about the machines, try out machines; the scene is like a big party of the local clothing industry. The atmosphere is extremely warm.


There was a great crowd of people trying to tread on the activity site. The staff also carefully introduced a series of automatic sewing equipment such as automatic pattern sewing machine, thread cleanness computerized lockstitch machine A5, and computerized needle feed lockstitch machine A6F. 


In the face of such enthusiastic users, the staff also created a lot of surprises for the users. Among them, the purchase lottery link pushed the atmosphere to the climax. In less than an hour, more than 200 machines were sold, and the automatic pattern sewing machine was directly taken away by customers.


Follow-up orders are continuing and one of the owners said excitedly: " "I've been buying Jack machines since 2016. The factory has more than 80 sets jack products at present. I can rest assured with jack and buy 10 sets today” At the scene, xiao jie also heard a lot of clothing factory owners say: "my company uses all jack machines!"


The support and trust of users is the strongest proof of the strength of jack's brand. Jack will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, constantly increase the ability of independent innovation, constantly improve the global service system, and strive to create 100% fast service in the future.

Translated by Tracy