【Jack】Jack Provides Sewing Machines for Burmese Charity, Thousands of People Get Professional Skills








What a great piece of news!

Just a few days ago, more than 100 age-appropriate Burmese workers graduated from the training institution with professional skill. And this training institution has trained thousands of people already.

For themselves, they have a skill to make a living, and they are able to live happy lives with their hardworking.

For the country, the creation of individual is the development of the country. To make the country maintain stability and sustainable development, we should ensure that the youths can grow and be educated, the adults can be employed by their talent, and the elders can live in happiness.

Imparting skills is an action of charity in every respect.






The institution which did this charity is a nonprofit clothing skill training center named Aung Myin Hmu, located in Rangoon Burma.

Supported by the commonweal trust LIFT in Burma, this institution provides free and systematic skill training for age-appropriate workers, so that the amount of Burmese people in poverty and hunger will decrease continuously.

Just as the Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is the radical way to solve poverty.微信图片_20180730093746.jpg




At the beginning of starting Aung Myin Hmu Training Center, Mr.Harry from German got around for training equipment.

Mr. Harry found Burmese agent of Jack Mr. Josh in April 2017. It happened to be that vice-president of Jack Guo Weixing inspected Burmese market, so they reached an agreement and cooperate, and created this moving story.





Mr.Guo made Jack’s attitude known on the spot: “Jack would try his best to provide the types of sewing machine needed by the training institutions.”

Mr.Harry was very pleased and reached a cooperation agreement with Jack soon, greatly shortening the preparation time for the training agencies.

Jack also provided them with videos, texts and other courseware of sewing machine operation, maintenance and mechanical principle for learning.





Now, Aung Myin Hmu garment skills training center has carried out 9 training courses with more than 100 participants per session , and over 1,000 has mastered sewing skills.

Mr.Harry thanked jack for his support. He said: “I know Jack is an international company listed in China, and I appreciate Jack’s help to those who have no special skills.



In fact, Jack would also like to thank the Aung Myin Hmu garment skills training center. Thank you for choosing Jack, believing Jack, as well as giving Jack the chance to perform his duties and do good deeds.