【Jack】A wonderful Banquet with all overseas distributors

24th, Sept, 2017, 18:00 o'clock

New Sail, New Will

Jack 2017 Overseas Distributor Conference

Was processing to the most convivial section

The Banquet

As volunteered pioneers, Jack’s new employees who graduated this year started the banquet by a dance which called ”Help each other ”. This dance also symbolized that Jack and contributors determined to help together, live together and struggle together.

Also, before the banquet started officially, Chairman Zhao dedicated his Toast.

With these fantastic shows, everyone enjoyed the delicious food which come from different countries and all well-prepared by Jack. However, no one thought of it, one moment, the light of the banquet room turned off suddenly, and the music “Happy Birthday” sounded. All these were because of love. Mr.Soheili, our Iran distributor, his wife had her birthday today. Although in foreign country, he wants to give his wife a surprise.

However, not only Mr.Soheili;s wife, but also every distributor family members who was born in September got a surprise. All family members got on stage and share the happiness of birthday.

As a banquet, it certainly shows several brilliant performances one by one. The traditional Chinese Dance and Jack family style “Drum Dance” give everyone a lot of enjoyment.

The long-anticipated game time caught people’s eyes, 《Tonight I am the most beautiful》、《Golden egg》、《Who run the fast 》etc. Distributor families want to join these parties. We ebullient people are very high!

All good things come to an end. The banquet ended in th warm and lively atmosphere.

Written & Translated by Jack