【Jack】What is the New Sail New Will?

24th,Sept., 2017, Jack hold it 2017 overseas distributor conference. More than 350 overseas distributors from nearly 70 countries get together in Taizhou International Hotel with the same theme of “New Sail New Will

For Jack, this year is a big turning point but also a new beginning. Therefore, what is the new aim of the the Jack 2017 overseas distributor conference?
 Now, let Mr. Ruan give you the answer.
In Mr Ruan’s opinion, the market demand updates constantly with the development of economy. No matter in China or foreign countries, no matter in large , middle or small size factory, all Customers prefer machines with higher quality, better sewing performance, advanced technology, which require JACK produce such good machines   
Jack have to temporize to keep competitive in Market, So Jack put forward its strategic planning,”expand middle&high-end customers” which also is a clear cognition for Jack and the only way to achieve the vision --to be the No.1 brand of global sewing equipment.
As for the development in future. Mr Ruan also share us his thought with clear direction. Jack will develop by horizontal machine kinds in the future, building entirely sewing machine produce chain, from automatic cutting bed to intelligent sewing machines to IPMS(intelligent produce manage system), offering whole set solutions of cloth intelligent manufacturing.
 To achieve the target, Jack and foreign deals should fight together, Jack thanks for your support in the past, and also need your support in the future.Jack want to be and will be the No.1 brand of global sewing equipment, giving the first support of updating global cloth industry
Mr Victor, Vice general manager of Jack international trading department, spent one hour showing us whole department’s job report.  
Until today, Jack foreign dealers team includes 3700 deals from 123 countries, and still being  larger. Under Jack’s leading , foreign dealers gradually become operator from trader.
Up to now in 2017, we paid a lot and we gained a lot.
304 activities,
 37 exhibitions, 
43 thanksgiving conferences for stock listed, 
52 gift activities, 
77 new machine launch events, 
165 road shows and personal exhibitions.
In the future, we really hope foreign distributors, together with Jack, constantly increase each store sales, expand distribution map, build brand to make Jack turn China No.1 to best service and achieve Jack dream--to be No.1 brand of global sewing equipment.
Mr. Jimmy- the manager of Jack Product released A5-Thread cleanness computerized Lockstitch Machine
As the third revolution product of Jack, A5 solves the three major pollution-short thread tail, oil free, low noise.
Ms. Lucy -the vice manager of MACIA in China Company introduced Jack new business- Italy MAICA -
MACIA is the only one intelligent automatic sewing equipment for shirt in the world. It has the most perfect and advanced technology and Jack merge and acquisition MACIA in July, 2017.
Mr. Zheng- the manager of cutting bed gave a speech about the achievement of cutting bed and the detail development plan and also show the confidence of providing the intelligent set of solutions to overseas distributors.
Distributors of Uzbekistan, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine share their experience about the market activities.
At last, Mr. Guo- Jack General Manager summarized the conference and thank for all Jack overseas distributors. Mr. Guo said to achieve Jack dream needs to the efforts of all Jack overseas families
Written & Translated by Jack