【Jack】 About 350 overseas families have a date with Jack

About 350 foreigners have a date with Jack today.

Nearly 70 countries
Different skin colors
Different languages
More than 350 overseas Jack families fly to Taizhou where Jack was born with the invitation of Jack.
What is waiting for them is Jack 2017 overseas conference.
Of course, it is an essential process before the conference, one-day tour of Jack.
Many Jack families are the first time to Taizhou, and also there are many families coming to Taizhou last year. Even though, when they come to Taizhou in one year, they cannot help to sigh: Jack has new change.
Visiting Linhai Factory
Following Jack tourist guide, the families visited the workshop of special machine, cutting bed and power saving motor. The clean production workshop, busy but order production line and company idea slogan seeing everywhere make a deep impression on Jack overseas families.

Visiting Jiaojiang Factory

In Jack new Jiaojiang factory, the first intelligent production line leave a deep impression on Jack overseas families. The production line is in total investment of 1.2 billion and 123 meters long, but it is operated only by 10 people.

Visiting Jack Xiachen Factory

Then Jack overseas families come to Jack production basement. Under the guide of Jack tourist guide, they visited the lockstitch, overlock, packing workshop and Jack display hall.

One-day tour was over, but they learn more about Jack sewing machine and have more confidence to be No.1 with Jack machine.

Written & Translated by Jack