【Jack】What happened to Jack before CISMA 2017

CISMA 2017 is coming in 3 days.
Maybe every brand is trying its best to prepare for the CISMA 2017.
But at this time,
Jack was surrounded by a group of foreigners.
Who are they?
What do they come to Jack for at this key moment?
These "foreigners" looked a little familiar.....
“Hello,I am Jack from Thailand”
“Hello,I am Jack from Brazil”
They greeted and hug with each other warmly. HAHA......these “foreigners”are Jack overseas distributors who do not see each other for one year.
It was said that Jack will have its 2017 overseas distributor conference before CISMA 2017. In order to welcome these Jack overseas families, Jack staff prepared many surprise.
The first surprise: Delicious food
The first surprise: Delicious food
For those who just have a long trip
Nothing is warmer than delicious food
Fruit, cake, cookie, drinks....Everyone can enjoy it.
The second surprise: Meaningful pictures
​The theme of the Jack 2017 overseas distributor conference is New Sail, New Will. In order to let Jack overseas families take pictures to leave a good memory.
The third surprise: Mystery gift
In a foreign country, we are together just because of Jack. Only various Jack elements, they feel at home, Jack polo shirt, Jack Jackets, Jack backpack for this conference, Jack A5 U-pillow......all these make Jack overseas families surprise.
Do you think the surprise ends?
More surprise is waiting for you!
Please look forward to!
Written & Translated by Jack