【Nicaragua】Jack End-user conference meeting hit Nicaragua

Central American time 18th, August at 5:30 pm, in Nicaragua Best Western Hotel, JACK and agents  held a grand End-user conference, more than 100 users from 50 different garment factories participate in this meeting.

They sigh the exquisite venue layout, and enjoy to signature on the background paper wall and also take photos. 

The meeting is mainly to introduce JACK company, to spread JACK brand and introduce JACK FAMILY DNA, more importantly to release the new products A5 and C4, so that they can have better understanding of Jack and Jack products. At night, they tested JACK products, deeply expressed by the new features of its products, especially A5- less than 3mm thread reminder machine, won everyone's praise. In order to appreciate the customers’ long time support, the agent gave on the spot a promotion policy, which is also amazing!

Before the meeting, they all cherish the time and check the machines carefully, and technicians to exchange technical issues in order to have better understanding of Jack products. 

During the meeting, there are exciting lottery, a round of the lucky draw to make the meeting more relaxed and lively, the whole meeting finished in a serious and relaxed atmosphere, At last, there are champagne celebration and delicious JACK cake, everyone has said that Jack is the name of the China No.1!

Written & Translated by Laurel