【Vietnam】Who is the fastest performer for JK-799S?

The weather was very hot in Vietnam last week. Jack Vietnam team gave up their weekends and did a very hot activity in Dong nai province. 

It was a PK game calling "Who is the fastest performer for JK-799S", the overlock machine with thread cutting. All participants need to finish sewing 5 pieces fabric according to our rules and the one used minimum time can bring the machine home!

This activity attracted so many workers from small garment factories. They practiced several times before the game. Everyone wanted to win the high quality machine with fast speed. 

During the two days, about 60 worker participated our game. Finally the fastest speed is 68 seconds. The winner was so happy to take the machine back home! 

Even though the other participants didn't win the game, they all received a small gift from Jack. They really appreciated and shared in their Facebook that Jack is No. 1. 

This was a very successful activity! Thank for the hard work of Jack Vietnam team. 

Written & Translated by Eilleen