【Uzbekistan】Technical Training for Quick Service

7.13-7.19, a technical and sales training was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

During the 6 days, with the leadership of Jack company leaders- Mr. Victor and Mr. Robin, 19 local technicians were accompanied by technicians and sales staff all the time. Everyone tried his best to got the first and learn more things as if they were too hungry to snatch food. And they completed the training session quickly and seriously. 

This training was focuses on integrated electronic buttonhole machine and the integrated electronic button attaching machine. During training, we always heard their gratitude to Jack and they also said that because of the training ,their skills are growing so fast. Recent years the development of Uzbekistan market is very fast. And the market share of Jack sewing machine is more and more. Therefore promoting the m maintenance skills of local technicians is essential. During the learning, everyone listened carefully to catch everything that teacher said and made notes. After listening to what teacher said, what they did was to practice. Only they made the theory and practice together, they can master the skill well and service the market well. 

 At the same time, Jack has its 22nd birthday on 18th, July . In order to celebrate Jack’s birthday,  they prepared the jack blue label cake and wished the jack big family to be getting better and better.

Through this training, Jack service in Uzbekistan has a greater step forward. We believe that the market in Uzbekistan will realize the "Quick Service 100%" soon. 

Written & Translated by Donald