【India】The Trip of Honor---the First India Sub-dealer Conference

After a year of intense marketing, Indian families have won their honor trip with their remarkable sales results - the first visit to China.

The first stop of the trip is located in Nantong Jack store, when the fancy element of Jack store compromises the new product A4s, A5, all of Indian families feel the incomparable Jack brand deeply. At the same time, our India families also felt the importance of the construction of the stores, they all use the camera to record every detail of the Jack store.

A5 & C4

In order to make  Indian families understand Jack better and feel the Jack family atmosphere, the third day of the trip is to visit the three factory of Jack. They were full of praise to the modern assembly line facilities and workshop atmosphere.

The party was also brilliant, our Indian families tried Taizhou dishes which slightly adjusted according to their tastes , during the party Jack India market director Mr. Jerry issued a toast, thanks all of the family and encouraging them to seize the opportunity.

 After the learning of Jack's corporate culture, India family went to the historical and cultural city, Hangzhou to feel the charm of West Lake in summer. Then go to Shanghai, and feel the bright lights of Pudong. All of our family felt the natural beauty and modern high-rise buildings on one day.

After the visit, they all have more confidence to Jack and also themselves. They all expected next visit to China.

Written & Translated by Cary