【Russia】When Fighting People Meeting Hot Summer

 23rd, July, 2017, 19 Russian Jack families flied to Shanghai, China in which it is the hottest of the year from Russia where it is only 15°. However, what they feel is not only hot weather, but the enthusiasm of Jack families.

First, they visited the Jack store in Nantong city. The grand decoration and the new products, A5,A4S, C4 all attracted their eyes.

After the simple communication, they visited the sub-dealers’ store. Also they were surprised with what they saw. 

Then, they visited two sample factories. On the first one factory, they saw more than 10 Programmable Electronic Large Area Pattern Sewing Machine-JK-T12080 working together. And this factory has more than one thousand Jack computerized lockstitch machine. The other one is with the advanced automatic production line. They nearly forgot the sweat, but to take pictures .

Of course, the indispensable thing coming to Jack is to visited Jack factories -Linhai special machine factory, Jiaojiang automatic production line and Xiachen workshop. All made them do not want to leave.

In order to let Russian families learn more about Jack new product, Nicky arranged a product training to them and had a test. Those who got the highest score got the prize of F4 parts.

Then Mr. Frank- the director of International market center gave his suggestions about the Jack store in Russia and share other countries’ experience and summary, which gave a deep expression on them. They all said than they will do Jack store after returning to Russia.

Jack also prepared a party for them. On the party, Jimmy-the Manager of Product welcomed the Russian families to China and encouraged them to build Jack brand in Russia.

One-week visit in China was over quickly. After the visit, they all have more confidence to Jack and also themselves. They all expected next visit to China.

Written & Translated by Nicky