【Bangladesh】Jack Sewing Machine Entered CBIFT of Bangladesh

20th., July, 2017, First grant overseas collegiate training of Jack was held in Bangladesh CBIFT successfully. CBIFT is famous costume designing college in Bangladesh. Since college was built, college always focus on the creative design idea and mechanical technology training, and the two ace majors----costume designing and machinery maintenance provide lots of professional talents to garment industry of Bangladesh, and even the world, Jack which is as the sole Chinese sewing company provides all sewing machine to this college for training, and was invited to hold technology training. Hundreds of students was attracted to participate in this training and they gained much knowledge warmly and actively.

Not only hundreds of students, but also some local famous garment factory owners and founder of college were invited to do ribbon-cutting as special guest. The rising star of Jack A4S-WN was chosen to be ribbon-cutting product.


 New training mode----Team PK


Due to most of participants are college students and many, Jack adopt team PK mode to ensure each one can gain lots of knowledge and establish a good learning atmosphere. All participants were separated into 4 teams, and gain score by answering question, Making participants feel Jack machine and culture by tense and strong PK mode.
When training started, Jack team make a brief introduction of jack growth of the 21 years, emphasizing jack comprehensive strength, from three industries to production line scale, from product concept to developing strategy, from overseas office to brand promotion, from technology training to service idea, from company culture to jack dream, A brand new cognition of sewing machine manufacturing hit the students’ mind, and they also comment the growth of Jack with highly praise.
We give a training of three mahcines-A4S-WN,C4,1900BSK. Firstly we introduce the machines in detail, and then we use question and responder mode to make sure all of them have chance to know about these machine and characteristic. All students raise their hand to answer actively and fight for their team honor. Many students make a speech confidently to show and share what they learn. What a wonderful explain made in this training by them.
Finally, the team B win the championship who have strong team power and answer question actively. They acquired the award and honor and meanwhile appreciated profoundly that Jack arrange this training. The college hope that Jack can establish long cooperative relationship with them, and they will think of a special lesson mode which mix Jack high-technology sewing machine knowledge and CBIFT teaching mode. They hope to cultivate all-round student who keep pace with times and can combine theory and practice.
Written  & Translated by Lydia