【Indonesia】Big Surprise at the Banquet

After a two-month preparation, Jack Indonesian agent indo hose together with Jack held a reciprocal banquet in Jakarta on the evening of July 25.There is more then 40 Jack dealers participated separately from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang and the other regions. 

In order to create a strong atmosphere, Jack eye-catching x-banners were put at the entrances.Walking along these banners,they can head down the registration wall.And then they picked up the mark pen,wrote their names and took some photos with cute pose.Jack sewing machine ,beautiful appearance couple with elaborate placement,attracted the countless eyes,so that dealers can’t wait for having a try. 

Banquet started.The classical Chinese songs has added more cheerful atmosphere.After the stomachs were full, indo hose announced the best preferential product items in tonight.Everyone at the presence can buy a few groups of products,but the quantity is limited.When they obtained the Purchase Requisitions,they started to discuss that how to get more cost-effective product portfolio.At the same time,Jack also announced the free trip to China policy.

As the last part of the banquet,lucky draw always can bring the atmosphere to the climax.One dealer from Jakarta got the first prize.

Dinner ended in the lively and harmonious atmosphere and that night received a total of more than 1800 units of machines.These have become the past, Jack will join indo hose and other Jack family together to become stronger and better. 

Written & Translated by Elgbert